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Will or Want

Most of the times the question is need or want. Do you need a car or do you need a BMW? pretty simple clean lines of understanding and introspecting but the decision-maker is your own will. Most of our lives problem lies between the spectrum of will or want, it is the ultimate bowl of confusion. I am willing to buy a car and answer my necessity but I want to raise my status and make people understand that I have money. A materialistic will is driven by an amazing force of want and now you are in a vicious cycle of self-satisfaction which is derived by you satisfying others eyes with envy.

Now imagine living like this for everything you own, feeling a bit of self-doubt. Now imagine you are a live example of excepting that you have the will and need to change but not the want. Finding a word to describe this example will be complicated but simple at the same time it is compromised.

To live life to its fullest the first step is always acceptance. You need to accept that you have a problem physiological or physical. So the want of becoming normal turns into a need, you need to detach yourself from your wants- a want can be a person, food, fear etc. and then you need to focus on your will to just achieve a peaceful state of mind.

This can be the answer to any problem in your life.

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