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About Me

I am Nira Patel, A Clinical Psychologist, Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Healer. I believe that if a person gets to know how to achieve balance in his or her life can always have a peaceful mind and I try to do the same for my patients.


B.A. with psychology- St. Xavier Ahmedabad,
M.A. masters in clinical psychology- School of Psychology at Gujarat University, 
UGC Affiliated Counseling Course from St. Xavier Ahmedabad.


Work experience, since 2008.
Was working under the late Dr Ratna Bilvani, As an assistant psychologist.
School Counselor and Phycologist in
Olive Green International School, Ahmedabad
Divine Child International School, Adalaj
Atmya Vidhya Nikatan School, Ahmedabad. 

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Green tea

My Philosophy

Well-being, success, Prosperity, Mental Health, Physical health so on and so forth. What do they all have in common?

You might think of positivity, happiness etc., but the answer is balance. We as humans are always in pursuit of balance. We define it in different terms like Will Smiths - Pursuit of Happiness, Christopher Nolan - Inception but the end goal is always balance.

As we are aware of the nature of it every time and everywhere. Just that you need to know how and what affects balance. It can be affected by Karma, Friends, Envy, Stress, Anger etc. but still, these factors have you in common. Before running on the pursuit of balance you need to know who you are and accept it and you are already perfect. Now the only thing is maintaining Balance.

I help you to know yourself and find balance within you. As you know more who you are, you will strengthen.

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